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What We do

We provide Overseas Placement for those looking forward to broaden their horizons and head for better career opportunities outside of India. Taking this step is a big decision for many and we provide total consultation starting from the advertising of opportunities in foreign companies.

welder-Fitter jobs

A Class Pipe Fitter and welding job reports to and takes direction from a Pipe Supervisor on a daily basis To work within a team of Pipe Fitters to achieve maximum production in minimum time..

Construction jobs

Construction jobs offer a wide variety of opportunities; whether you like building things or taking a sledgehammer to them, We provide lots of construction job outside of india.

Auto Transmission Mechanic

Automatic Transmission Mechanic job Repair only one system or component on a vehicle, such as brakes, suspension, or radiator.Get a job with us.

Computer operating job

This employee is responsible for the technical operation of a medium to large mid- range computer.We provide lots of construction job outside of india.

Driving job

The minimum requirement for any driver job is a valid driver's license in the state in which they work. The most important duty of delivery drivers is to drive safely to their destination..


Indrani Travels is an effective job posting service that makes finding candidates easy, we provide job outside of india.Our goal is to make things easier for you, and to get all of your positions filled fast.